Devblog 40

Progress is slow, but it is progress. Let’s have a little update.

Not much to report overall, so lets keep things short and sweet and look at some pretty pictures.

Unlocks & achievements

We’ve been reworking our unlock and achievement system for some time now and it’s finally ready. Instead of unlocking items and characters from certain achievements like before, you now gather Fame, which you can use to unlock items and characters as you please.


Every time you die (or finish the game), you now get Fame from several sources (see picture above). While achievements will be the main source of Fame, we wanted to allow players to grind Fame if they’d prefer. In addition we wanted to reward both combat and exploration, so you always feel like you’re working towards unlocking something new.


While the new system is perhaps a less challenging way of unlocking content, it enables players to experience the content they want faster, without getting stuck on achievements they find difficult.

Monster graphics report #2

Work on remaking the monsters from World 1 continues. Though we’ve made some nice progress, the Golems have turned out a bit more time consuming than anticipated, namely their death animations. Though we could’ve changed their animations since we’re reworking them anyways, having them fall into pieces is a nice effect. That has resulted in some extra work, but nothing we can’t handle. I’m currently hard at work with the Blood Golem, but here’s how the Ice Golem currently looks:


We also thought it might be fun to have a comparison of how our graphics have developed:


And here’s our current monster gallery:



Our artist Sampo is off for studying, but Risto and I are continuing with our 3D work. We’re closing in on finishing all World 1 monsters, after which we can finally start work on World 2 and possibly on new player characters.

Till’ next time folks!

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