Devblog 42

Graphics squad, reporting in. Sweet visuals sighted, permission to engage.

Grongo update

The Boss-man is done! It took some work, but we’re finally happy with the results. Let’s see another comparison between what we had last time and the final product.

In addition to the new graphics, we’ve also revamped Grongo’s gameplay. He’s quite a bit more aggressive, his charge attack has been greatly improved and we’ve added a bit of juiciness here and there. Have a peek:

What’s on the Menu

Menus… UIs… It’s all a huge pain in the butt of every game developer. So here we are again, another menu re-design. This time we hope it’s final.



You might notice we have some swanky portrait art for all 4 of our characters. Despite his busy schedule with all his studies, Sampo has managed to squeeze in some work on Gerty. He made us some killer trading card images for Steam, which also work double duty as portraits for the game.

You might also notice we’ve got new difficulty icons, which brings us to…

New blood

Our good artist buddy Jokke has joined the team (for a while at least). Long story short, he’s doing some graphic work for us as a part of finishing his degree. His primary task so far has been making us achievement icons and so far progress has been good.


Please note, these are still a work in progress. A bunch of these are getting totally redone (sorry smileys) and there’s a bunch of tweaking to be done, but the style is coming together nicely.

Also, Jokke went ahead and touched up our logo, after which Risto went ahead and spruced it up with some shader magic (which you might notice in the menu pics too)

World 2 status report

Risto and I started laying down all the work still left on World 2 and though it looked pretty harrowing, we’ve been making positively fast progress so far.  We’ve got roughly a third of the monsters done and if things continue at this rate, we’ll have the monsters done ahead of schedule. Hopefully that won’t jinx it, so fingers crossed.


Though it often feels that progress is slow, things have really been chugging along. Fingers crossed we keep up the pace and get the game done. There’s a whole lot of little things I could go through, but I figured it’d be nice to focus on the bigger visual stuff.

No idea yet if there’ll be a post next month, but if so, it will probably be a smaller one. A whole lot of graphics still left to be done and time is ticking.

Till next time, folks!

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