Highlight 8/8: Unum

Time for the Highlight-series finale, wrapping things up with our final character!

Wrapping up the Highlight-series and our roster of characters is the Unum – a specialist of many talents. Though mostly a mid-range fighter, Unum’s range actually varies from short to extreme when his skills are used to their fullest extent. He’s the most maneuverable character of the group and as such specializes in scouting and utilizing his unique skill selection to lay traps.

Plasma Daggers

While very straight forward, the Plasma Daggers are a reliable primary skill, especially due to its piercing Power Shot. While it doesn’t evolve drastically from Perks, it does gain some interesting extra properties that compliment Unum’s specialized move pool.


Vacuum is at it’s core very similar to the Magnus’ Shockwave – dealing damage and stunning enemies in an area. Instead of pushing them away however, it pulls the enemies into a tight group, making them vulnerable for a volley of Plasma Daggers or perhaps a strategically placed Proximity Mine.

And what’s the next logical step up from a vacuum? A black hole!

Warp Portal

Warp Portal is the skill that truly makes the Unum what he is. It has lots of utility for movement and survivability, allowing you able to zip from one side of the map to the other in an instant (if you so desire).

However, there is more to the Warp Portal than meets the eye. With the “Xen Node” Perk, it opens up whole new levels of possibility. You will gain the ability to place the Warp Portal ahead of you, perhaps into an unexplored cavern or maybe on the other side of a pit, increasing your movement capabilities exponentially. But wait, there’s more! Xen Node also unlocks a synergy with Vacuum, allowing you to throw your enemies to your Warp Portal location. What sort of devious traps will you come up with it?

Proximity Mine

As his ultimate skill, Unum has a set of Proximity Mines, which are at the core of his trap laying abilities. On their own they’re quite capable of taking out even tougher targets, but they really shine when used in tandem with Vacuum and Warp Portal

If you really want to put your enemies in a pinch, you can upgrade your Proximity Mines into Turret Mines, giving you some extra firepower for a limited time.

Play for yourself!

Head on over to Steam, add Gerty to your Wishlist and play the free demo to prepare yourself for the Early Access release on December 3rd.

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