Highlight 6/8: Preacher

Welcome back to our Highlight-series! Time to get back to our playable characters.

Third on the list is our crowd control expert, the Preacher. He’s the rosters’ resident damage dealer and crowd control expert, with medium to close range attacks. His bulk is also next only to Magnus, which combined with his straight forward playstyle has made him an instant fan favorite in our playtests.

Plasma Shotgun

Preacher’s primary skill is his trusty Plasma Shotgun. It easily tears through weaker enemies and due to its bullet spread, its effective against small groups as well.

While Perks don’t give the Plasma Shotgun any game changing effects, they do power it up considerably, turning it into quite the plasma-spewing death machine.


Fear is a skill that mixes both offense and defense. It deals a small amount of damage to all enemies in its range, but also sends them running away from you. While it obviously can save your life in a tight spot, it also makes enemies quite vulnerable for attack.


Like Fear, Tackle also works double duty, helping you kill enemies while helping you stay alive. Primarily an offensive skill, it pushes enemies away from you and stuns them momentarily, making them easy pickings if you’re fast enough on the trigger. However, it also allows you move around faster and get out of sticky situations once you master it.

With some helpful Perks, you can turn Tackle into a proper battering ram, pushing through terrain and throwing enemies against walls for extra damage.

Grenade Launcher

What is a more suitable ultimate skill for an all-around damage dealer than a Grenade Launcher? While it is obviously in its element blowing up groups of aliens right in front of you, taking the time to master its bounce mechanics will allow you to kill your enemies from behind corners and other hard to reach places too.

If you want to increase your destructive powers even further, you can double, or even triple your explosive payloads!

Play for yourself!

Head on over to Steam, add Gerty to your Wishlist and play the free demo to prepare yourself for the Early Access release on December 3rd.

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