Highlight 2/8: Magnus

Welcome to the second installment of our Highlight-series, continuing with our second character!

This time we’re taking a look at our number two character: the Magnus, master of melee combat. What he lacks in mobility and range, he more than makes up for in bulk and power. Because of his melee specialization, Magnus isn’t quite as easily mastered as the Commando, but his defensive capabilities make him a quite forgiving option even for beginners.

Magnus Punch

As his signature move, Magnus’ primary skill is the Magnus Punch. Though its range is limited (it’s a melee attack after all), it makes up for it by hitting multiple enemies at once, provided they’re bunched up close enough. This makes Magnus a deadly adversary in tight spaces.

However, with a couple of strategic Perks, the Magnus Punch gives Magnus a nice boost in mobility as well as some ranged capabilities.


As a short range character, Magnus can sometimes get overwhelmed in the cramped tunnels. Slam down a Shockwave though, and all nearby enemies get thrown back away from you and get stunned to boot.

Want to make the aliens really regret their life choices? Once fully fully Perked up, the Shockwave brings the pain in a big way.

Shield Booster

Since maneuverability isn’t Magnus’ strong point, he compensates by being bulkier than the rest of the roster. While his HP isn’t actually the highest of the group, his Shield Booster skill gives him the ability to freely recharge his Combat Shield, making his effective health rather fearsome.

Mighty Slash

Rounding up Magnus’ move pool is his ultimate skill: Mighty Slash. It slices, it dices and makes short work of groups enemies, or even tougher ones with a couple of swings. As a free bonus, it’s also quite effective at clearing out terrain on the side as well.

What’s that? You want more? How about a literal Tornado of Death?

Play for yourself!

Head on over to Steam, add Gerty to your Wishlist and play the free demo to prepare yourself for the Early Access release on December 3rd.

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