Gerty is now FULLY RELEASED with additional new content!

It’s been a long journey, but Gerty is new officially fully released with version 1.0! Thanks to all our Early Access supporters for their feedback, suggestions and bug hunting!

Gerty is now available for purchase on:

If you want to “try-before-you-buy”, check out our demo on Steam or DRM-Free on IndieDB.

NOTE: Due to an internal Unity update, gamepad keybinds might be incorrect. Check your settings!

Release discount – 30%!

To celebrate our release and the holidays, we’re putting Gerty up for a -30% discount. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to buy the game, it is!

Rogue it up!

If you’ve already been playing the game in Early Access and have been itching for an additional challenge, we’ve got something new for and exciting for you. Introducing: Rogue mode!

In Rogue mode, we bring Gerty closer to its roguelike roots with the following changes:

  • No automatic health regeneration
  • Randomized & limited item purchases at Forges
  • Randomized Perk selection

Think you’re up for the challenge?

More performance

One of the biggest reasons for our long Early Access period was to fix bugs and improve the game’s performance. We’ve done a lot of work on both accounts, and though you’re unlikely to see any radical changes to how the game runs, things should definitely flow smoother than before. Especially when it comes to [secret].


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us along the years to make Gerty what it is now. Please remember to review the game on Steam if you haven’t already and leave give us your ideas and suggestions (or bug reports) over at the Steam Discussions.

Till’ next time folks!

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