Devblog 6

An update on a Thursday? What is this sorcery? Nothing much really, but read on anyways.

Like always, check out the full changelog for all changes in this build.

Eggs and bunnies

Easter is just around the corner, which means our team won’t be fully manned tomorrow, so we decided to push out this week’s build a day early. Another reason is that we’re working on a few big features that won’t be complete by tomorrow, so we’ll leave them for next week. This all means that we don’t really have any super exciting stuff in this build, but hopefully that will pay off next week.

“Game over, man!”

One of the most crucial bits of feedback we got from our playtesting was that dying was “boring”. We definitely agree and as a part of our plan to combat the issue, we’ve implement a “Game Over screen” that shows you your stats and and so forth. It’s still quite crude as Mikko hasn’t had time to pretty it up yet (he’s working on something else *wink wink*), but it serves it’s purpose for now.

As a small bonus, we’ve also added a small text right when you die that tells you which enemy killed you.

Prettier text

As a part of our efforts to make the game more presentable for our Alpha-version, we finally switched out of plain old Arial and chose a new font to use. Take a gander:

New delicious typeface

For those interested, the font is Meridiana by Darren Rigby, downloaded 100% professionally from 1001 Free Fonts. We’ll most likely change our typeface again in the future, but for now at least it’s a bit more pleasant to look at.

Graphics updates

Mikko has redone the graphics for chests and shops. Have a look:


Totally reworked design


Just a little re-touching

We’ve also re-color-coded our items: green ones are common and blue ones are uncommon. It was the other way around previously.

Stuff to look forward to

Like I said in the beginning, we’ve got some big changes coming up in the near future. Here’s a small rundown of what to expect:


To make our levels more interesting and less straight forward, we’re adding bottomless pits, which can’t be crossed. You’re just gonna have to find your way around them. Maybe you’ll run into a few enemies along the way. Might still be a while before they’re ready for prime time though.

Leveling up:

At long last, we’ve started tacking player progression in a more concrete way: experience and levels! We’ve got the groundwork already done, but that’s not the hard part, as we got to make some design choices If things go well. You might see the first draft of the leveling system next week.

New UI:

Mikko has been working on new version of the in-game UI. Based on the feedback we’ve got and the fact that we’re adding leveling to the game, the UI has to go through a makeover.

Revamped Fog of War:

To make our moment-to-moment gameplay more exciting, we’re trying out a new Fog of War system. Instead of seeing a circular area all around you, we’re trying out a Field of View -type setting, where you only see what your character sees. As pictures are worth a thousand words…


New FOW system in action

We’re still not sure if we should change our FOW-system to a two-layered one, where the “black mask” is different from the actual FOW. In other words, though you might know the map features, you can only see enemies and other things currently in your line of sight.


I think that wraps it up for this week. Though there wasn’t that much visible progress (shortest changelog since v0.03) we’ve done a ton of progress in general, which will hopefully pay off real soon. And that’s game development for you: though you might do a lot of work, it might not always be stuff that is apparent to your players.

Till next week folks!

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