Devblog 8

Not that much to talk about this week. We got a new enemy though.

Here’s the full changelog for this week, but there isn’t much there this time around.

Crowdfunding stuff

So last week I said that we’re going to start a crowdfunding campaign. While that is still true, we’ve decided to push back the deadline for it a little. Just so I don’t make any promises I can’t keep, you won’t be getting any kind of specific date yet, but we’re aiming to start the campaign in the next few months. I’ll keep you guys posted as the situation develops.

Jump ‘n’ Swing

We’ve got a new enemy in the game and its got a trick up its sleeve. Check it out:

I’m pretty sure we’ll be balancing him in the future, but even as he is now, really changes the dynamics of encounters. And speaking of balance…

Balance, balance, balance

It seems that almost every other week we revamp the balance in the game. Since we introduced difficulty levels to the game last week, it was quite obvious we’d have to spend time balancing things out between them. There’s also quite a bit of general balance changes as well.


And that’s it for this week folks! A lot of stuff is happening in the back-end, so hopefully you’ll get to see some of it soon. That’s what game development is like some times.

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