Devblog 13

We’re finally live on Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight! Read all about it!

Here’s this weeks “double” changelog, even if it isn’t very substantial.

It’s finally done! After weeks of arduous work both our Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight campaigns are finally live. We’ve been crazy busy answering questions, updating the campaigns and our site and just generally staying on top of everything.

Alpha build

Gerty is now in Alpha! We pushed out our first alpha-build (aptly named Alpha 1.0) on Tuesday in tandem with our campaigns, but as it didn’t have any new content, there wasn’t really a reason to make a separate changelog for it. Instead, we’ve included the few changes it did have together with the changelog of our latest build, Alpha 1.1. It has a bit more meat around its bones, but since we’ve been so busy with non-development stuff, it mainly consists of minor stuff like fixes, some new audio and minor visual touches. Check the changelog if you’re interested in knowing more.


So yes, we got our Greenlight campaign going and we were positively surprised how well it took off.  That’s not to say that we’re going to get greenlit in just a couple of days or anything crazy like that, but we were modestly expecting less. Take a look at our Greenlight stats after the first day:


If you haven’t seen Greenlight stats before, you might think that the ratio of yes and no votes speaks of anything but success, but looking at the percentage of votes and comparing them to the Top 50 shows that we’re actually doing just fine. The stats are of course in a state of constant fluctuation, but we’ve managed to stay in line with the average.

The only “problem” right now is that the amount of votes per day has gone down quite a bit already during our first week, so at this rate getting Greenlit is most likely going to take a while. But we’re not too worried about that at the moment.


Sadly, our crowdfunding hasn’t had as good a start as our Greenlight campaign. Not even nearly. We’ve only gotten a handful of pledges so far and as we’ve yet to gain any major attention in the press, we’re not really expecting the situation to turn around suddenly. We’re not giving up just yet, but needless to say we’re mentally preparing ourselves for the worst.


Cuh-raaaaaaazy week. Got our campaigns going and though it doesn’t look like we’re going to hit it big, we’re happy we finally got the marketing ball rolling. Unless we suddenly gain a ton of attention, we’re going to cut back on the marketing and put our focus back on developing the game. We’ve got a ton of new features waiting in the pipeline and they’re going to change the game drastically.

‘Till next week folks!

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