Devblog 14

We’re back after a few weeks of silence! Time for a status update!

First things first: this post was supposed to go up last Friday, but didn’t because I was otherwise occupied and forgot. Apologies for that. We did not intend to quiet for this long, but sometimes these things happen. To make up for that, I’m gonna give you guys two blog posts this week: a general status update now and a more development specific one later in the week.

Monthly builds

As we’re past our Alpha stage, we’ve decided to kick the habit of our weekly builds. This has been a long time coming for a couple of reasons, but long story short, we’re moving on to monthly builds instead. Our very next build might deviate from this plan a bit as we’ve got a ton of stuff under development, but we really want it to have lots of content, not just half-finished systems. Look forward to it some time next month(-ish).


So why haven’t we been updating our blog? Well firstly, two weeks back (on the first week of the month) we visited Vectorama. For the uninitiated it’s the largest LAN-party in Oulu and Northern Finland, so when we got the chance to show off our game there we took up on the chance. We were there the whole day on both Friday and Saturday, so we didn’t really have time to write blog posts and whatnot. Plus I personally was also busy running another stand for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

OGL Summer Party

Like I said earlier, I was meaning to make this post last week, but that plan got kicked in the head by the OGL Summer Party on Wednesday. In addition to being busy showing off our game again, there were free drinks at the event, which meant that the very next day was more or less reserved for recovery. Then on Friday I was personally busy with other matters, so no blog then either.

We’re in Game Brewery!

For the past month or so we’ve been quietly working on a very delicious business opportunity for us and we’re happy to finally say our work has bore fruit: we got accepted into the Game Brewery! It’s a brand new “business accelerator” focusing on – you guessed it – games. It’s kicking off in a couple of months and as it happens, we’ll be able to keep working in our current office thanks to it.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited for the opportunities this could present us, so fingers crossed it all goes well!


In our last blog I mentioned that our Indiegogo campaign hasn’t been doing nearly as well as we’d hoped and unfortunately that is still very much the case. If you’re eagle-eyed, you might’ve noticed that we’ve removed all links the campaign in relative silence. We’ve decided to let the campaign die without fanfare and the best way to do that is to make sure people don’t come across it. Though we didn’t even really get off the ground with the campaign, we learned a lot from it, so it wasn’t a total waste.


Our Greenlight campaign on the other hand has been doing considerably better. It’s still going slower than we’d like, but we’re making progress and our percentages look promising. Let your friends know and help us get through faster!


So that’s our past two weeks in a nutshell: showing off the game on a couple of occasions, shifting weekly to monthly builds and staying on top of our campaigns.

We’re going to have another blog post later this week where we’ll delve more into what we’re currently working on, so look forward to that.

See ya guys then!

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