Devblog 17

We got Greenlit! How cool is that? No build this week, but we have some exciting stuff to show you guys.

Green across the board

In our last blog post I mentioned about the “Build a Greenlight 27″ bundle by Groupees which we got to be a part of. I’m happy to say that it was a roaring success for us: we got Greenlit 4 days later. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, we couldn’t have done it without you.

So what does this mean for us? It means that we no longer have to focus so much on aggressive marketing (which is just fine and dandy) and we’ll have more time for development. Yay!

Multiplayer things

I think you’ll all be happy to hear that our multiplayer development has progressed somewhat faster than expected. Jukka has been slaving away on the feature for quite a while now and his work is starting to bear fruit. See for yourself.

Not counting the total lack of missing HUD-elements for the other player, you can play the game locally with two players just fine. We haven’t tested the co-op with three or four players yet, but that should work just as fine too. Just don’t quote me on that, cause I’m sure there’ll be some bugs still lurking.

More control

Like I’ve discussed before, we’ve been working on alternative controls schemes along with the co-op multiplayer. We have our default mouse + keyboard scheme, one scheme for gamepads and two variations on a keyboard only scheme. They’re all currently functional, but now we got to make it easier to choose between them. Though we’ve had support for rebindable controls from the start, adding support for totally different control schemes requires quite a bit of reworking to the control options.


Risto has been working hard on making all the perks in our up and coming perk-system functional and balanced. There’s quite a bunch of cool stuff  in there, but I’m not going to show you guys any of those goodies yet. You’ll just have to wait till next week 😉


Getting through Greenlight was a huge relief for us. Go show Groupees some love, they deserve it. We’re also really happy how well the multiplayer and perks are coming along.

Here’s a little secret: we’re planning on releasing a new build next week. Maybe we’ll have some of these goodies included in it…

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