Devblog 18

Time to get perky! Our new perk-system is finally here and you can test it out in this week’s build.

Read the full changelog here.

Vacation time

Important announcement: We’re going to take time off for the next two weeks and recharge our development juices, so no devblogs for two week.

Get on my level – part 634

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: check out our perk system!


Here’s how the system works: every 5 levels you get one perk point, which you can spend any time you wish. You’ll get a randomized selection of available perks to choose from, so you won’t be able to level up the same way every time. Some perks become available only after some prerequisite perks have been picked.

Some of the perks are most likely still a bit unbalanced, as we haven’t had time to thoroughly test out all of them – we’ve been busy developing other new and cool features. We’ll be adding more perks in future builds, so keep your eyes peeled.

Special effects

As you saw above, you can now light enemies on fire. This also applies to the flamethrower.

We can now pretty easily add other effects too, so look forward for more of them in the future.

Take control

You can now play the game with a gamepad if you so desire, but we’d advice you to stick to the default control scheme for now. The control options are still a bit of a work-in-progress in terms of user friendliness and our keyboard only control schemes will have to wait because of this. We’ve got them working, but there’s no way to configure them in the options yet. This will hopefully be addressed in the next build.

Also related to controls, we now have 4 input sets in the control options. You can dedicate each set for a different control scheme, so you can change between them with ease. By default they are configured as such:

  • Input 1: Keyboard and mouse
  • Input 2: Xbox 360 gamepad
  • Input 3: Logitech Wireless Rumblepad 2
  • Input 4: Keyboard only (Work-in-progress)

Small things

We’ve done a bunch of small fixes in this build, but also one bigger one: chests and shops no longer spawn on top of each other or other objects. There’s also small, but nice audio changes and a nifty little feature.

Check the changelog for more info.

About multiplayer

Though we teased local co-op to you last week, we unfortunately can’t release it yet. Though it’s more or less functional, the only way currently to add players to a game is to use our development-tools, which obviously aren’t accessible in-game. As such, we’re holding off the release of local co-op until we have a working system for players to join the game.


It feels really good when weeks of work finally come together. The perk system is one of the biggest features we’ve added to the game since we began development. Getting it playable was a really big deal for us. Hopefully we’ll get local co-op ready for testing in the next few builds.

After Friday we’re going to change our development pants for some fancy summer shorts, so we’ll see you after a few weeks. Till next time folks!

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