Devblog 22

This week’s blog is short and sweet. Let’s have a look at what’s cooking.

Prettying up the graphics

Mikko has been reworking some of our art this week and also producing some new stuff. I won’t spoil any details yet, but you’ll be seeing them in our next build. Don’t expect anything major, but there’s some nice stuff there.

More characters

Like I said last week, Risto’s hard work is starting to bear fruit and we’ll be seeing new playable characters soon. Again, no promises you’ll be getting to test anything out in the next build, but things are coming along nicely nonetheless. Just today we saw a new character already running around, but his skills aren’t yet implemented.

Achievements and statistics

Besides the occasional bug fixes and whatnot, I’ve spent my week working on bringing the mysterious “Achievements” button in our Main Menu to life. I’ve already got parts of the necessary UI in place, but generating a visual list of the (temporary) achievements isn’t as straight forward as I would’ve hoped. Thankfully it’s more of a question of design than programming, so once I have the system planned out I can just make it happen.


Jukka has been looking into Unity 5.1’s new networking and based on the chatter around the office it’s gonna take a while to get our online co-op up and running. This of course was what we expected from the get-go, so it was hardly a surprise. If progress is slow, I most likely won’t be posting about it every week, but if bigger breakthroughs happen, I’ll be sure to brag all about them.


We’ve all been continuing our respective tasks from last week more or less. Each one of us has quite big tasks on our hands so it’ll take us a while to get them done – for Jukka especially. That’s about it for this week.

Till next time folks!

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