Devblog 25

This week: even more graphics and general progress reporting.

We’re back from our week-long vacation, once again recharged and ready to develop some games! This week has been quite fruitful in terms of progress for pretty much everyone… except yours truly. I spent most of the week wrestling with hardware – I finally have a desktop computer at the office. It’s nothing fancy (far from it), but it’s always more confortable to work with a desktop than a laptop – which I’ve been doing up until now.

Anyways, let’s get to the meat of things.

Fancy decor

Here’s another feature we’ve wanted to add to the game for the longest time: terrain decorations.


Currently only the ground has decorations, as there are some technical limitations to applying them on ice and rock. Having a tile-based level is great most of the time, but for graphical details such as these it can be a pain. No idea if we’ll find a good way around the problem, so for now ice and rock will stay bare. Also, I’m pretty sure the decorations won’t be quite as plentiful in our next build than they are in the screenshot.

Edge cases

If you’re especially sharp-eyed, you might notice the edge textures for ice and rock in the screenshot above look different from before. That’s because we finally got around to reworking the terrain edge system. Rewriting our edge generation code has been on our to-do list for a long time now mainly because it was a horrible mess (TONS of if-else structures, no thanks), but now we also have a gameplay reason for it (we’ll come back to that at a later date). Anyways, Risto finally went ahead and made it happen and thankfully, instead of it taking a week like he feared at first, he got the new system ready in just a couple of days. Mikko has been spending time making new edge textures as needed and redoing the old ones on the side. What you see in the screenshot is most likely not final, so we’ll keep you guys posted.

Updated character animations

No pics or gifs for these this time, just a note. The Commando (the default character) has updated death and flamethrower animations. If you’ve played any of the last few builds, you might’ve noticed that the Commando’s body after death was huge. That has been fixed. She also now uses her hand-mounted flamethrower in her animations instead of a generic gun.

Character selection

Since we have new characters in the works, it was about time we made our character selection screen actually work: you can now choose a different character to play as!


No promises on actually seeing it in the next build though. As you might notice, our second character is still very much a work-in-progress as far as graphics are concerned. And you should know by now, we don’t like releasing stuff half-baked.

Status update: Menu graphics

Teemu has started work on making our Main Menu prettier, but sadly we don’t have anything final to show yet. Trust me though, based on what I’ve seen by glancing over his shoulder, it’s gonna look good.

Status update: Boss fight

I’ve wanted to rewrite our enemy AI for the longest time. I’m pretty sure most of its code dates back to the start of the project, which isn’t really ideal as we’ve been moving forwards. Sadly, rewriting 1000+ lines of code is no small task, so I haven’t found time or a critical need to do it earlier, but now I just might have to. So far I’ve managed to make our first boss function by working around the limitations of our base AI with some… not so pretty solutions. However, making one attack function as intended has proven more problematic than I would’ve expected. I basically have two possible solutions for this: make even more bubblegum-spaghetti code than before, or rewrite our base AI from the ground up. Neither option is very inviting, but that’s life. I’ll have to have a talk together with Risto and Jukka about this before doing anything drastic.

Status update: Networking

Online co-op is coming along nicely: Jukka has gotten item purchasing to work this week. Maybe we’ll soon be able to play the game all the way through online.


So that’s the week: some new graphics and reworking code. Not exactly exhilarating – but like I’ve said in the past – that’s what game development is like most of the time.

Till’ next week folks!

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