Devblog 27

Music, graphics, gameplay… Get all the things in Alpha 1.6!

Download the build here and read the full changelog here.

Crash. Also bang and boom

If you’re following us on Twitter, you might be aware that we encountered a critical bug when trying to make this build last week. It was a particularly nasty one that caused the game to crash constantly, but only in the standalone build and seemingly at random. It took us a few days to hunt it down, but we finally got the issue fixed and so finally got the build playable. Though we still don’t know the exact reason for it the crashes, we know it was caused by destroying objects made with our new store-bought text asset, Text Mesh Pro. Fun times!

Boss fight! Yeah!

It has been a long time coming, but here it finally is: our first boss fight!

You can meet this sweet creature after beating level 4 and you better come prepared, ’cause he won’t be pulling any punches.

In fairness though, you should be able to beat him without too much of a hassle because he’s still a Work-In-Progress. We didn’t spend too much time tweaking the balance of the fight, as we have some big plans that will change the balance of the entire game. That being said, if you have any comments of suggestions on how to make the boss better, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

New playable character

Our second playable character “Magnus” is finally ready for prime time.

Two important things to note: Magnus is a melee character, so he has no long range attacks and he has no passive regeneration, but a meditation skill, which restores his health. There are still a few graphical touch-ups missing from said skill, but Magnus is completely playable, so go give him a go.

New ‘n’ Tasty graphics

I can finally (and proudly) show off our new Main Menu. Look at all those graphics – we’ve come a long way from boring single colored boxes.


There are also some other, but minor updates to our in-game graphics, some of which have been covered in our prior devblogs. See if you can spot them all (or just read the changelog).


New musics

We’ve got some new, tasty ass jams in the game, composed by our latest team member Mikko Lapinlahti. No more royalty-free music! Take a listen to the track from the first two levels of the game.

Sexy textin’

So yeah, we got a nice new text asset (crashes excluded) called Text Mesh Pro and it makes all our texts way prettier. Risto is still working on replacing text all over the project, but the majority of the in-game text should be using the new asset now. No more blurry and pixelated fonts.

Gamepad button icons

Along with upgrading our texts, Risto has also been working replacing all the “Gamepad button something-or-another” prompts with pretty icons instead. This mostly applies to the Main Menu currently, as there was a hiccup in the development chain: the shop and chest prompts were supposed to have the new icons in this build, but for one reason or another it got left out.

An important thing to note: the icons currently work correctly with Xbox 360 -pads. For other gamepads, the icons might be displayed incorrectly.

RIP Web Player

Unity has announced plans to kill off the Web Player early next year, as most browsers are dropping support for such plugins, as Chrome has already done. We’ve never intended Gerty to be “web game”, so the web player has always been more of a testing tool than a platform for us, and as such, we’ve decided to finally stop using it after this build. This has been in our plans for a long time, so this felt like a natural time to make the change.

Goodnight Sweet Prince.

Get in touch

If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions, criticism or generally anything you’d like us to know, get in touch. You can leave comments on our site (no registration required), send us an email ( or engage us through Facebook or Twitter. Now that Gerty’s development is as far as it is, we’d really appreciate player feedback. Don’t be shy or worry about formalities, we’re laid back dudes 😉


Hot damn, one of our biggest builds in a long time. New playable character, first boss fight, new graphics and music… What else could you ask for? Well, all kinds of things, but never mind. Fingers crossed our next build will be as fruitful as this (though I wouldn’t hold my breath).

Till next time folks!

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