Devblog 28

We’re in Beta, I repeat, we’ve hit Beta! Tutorial, graphics, cool stuff! Also, PRE-ORDERS!

You can download the build here and read the full changelog here.

For the past month or so, it’s been “all hands on deck” for us. We’ve been slaving away to get Beta 1.0 ready in time for the holidays and since it’s quite a big milestone for us, it’s been a ton of work. Let’s break it all down.

Pre-order now! 5$ discount!

You can now pre-order Gerty on our front page! (estimated release Q3 2016)

As you might know, we’ve been developing Gerty with a shoestring budget and sadly, we might be running out of string in the coming months. If you want to make our life just a tad easier, support us by pre-ordering. You’ll even get the game 5$ cheaper than at release.

Play the demo and see if we’re worth your support. If nothing else, share it to your rogue-like loving friends. Thanks!

Web Player no more

Like we announced in our last devblog, we are dropping support for the Unity Web Player. From now on, we’ll be releasing standalone builds, that you can download.

Future devblogs

Since these devblogs take quite a bit of time to put together, we’ve decided to make them monthly along with out builds. If anything especially interesting happens during the month, we might make an extra one between builds, but otherwise expect these blogs further between.


For a long time, we’ve wanted to have a tutorial in the game, so that new players could learn the ropes without dying all the time. Now we finally have it! Risto spent more or less the whole month putting it together and though it taxed his sanity at times, the end result is worth it.


I’ll admit that there are a still a couple of ways you can deliberately get yourself stuck, but for the average player it’s all good.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Audio & visuals ones

We spent a lot more time than usual on polishing this build, since it goes along with our pre-orders and as such has to be the best it can be. Let’s have a look at all the things we’ve done.

Our boss got a new coat of paint. His graphics aren’t yet final (too much gloss, no outlines), but he looks a lot better than before, that’s for sure.


Old on left, new on right

We’ve redesigned the in-game HUD to look a bit nicer. Same goes for all the skill icons too.


Old on top, new on bottom

One major shortcoming we’ve been meaning to address for a long time now, was Magnus’ Meditation skill – it had no audio-visual feedback. Now it has both sound and graphics.

We’re aware of the fact that players rarely look at the HUD on the bottom of the screen, so we wanted to make skill cooldowns a bit more clear to the player. Now you get a small indicator flash when trying to use a skill on cooldown. It’s also accompanied by sound.

In addition to all those sounds, the Commando’s Dodge Roll and Bomb skills and the Perk Menu now have sounds too. It really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Somewhat out of the blue, we decided to spruce up our item purchasing as well. You can now see prices from a distance and you can also see what you’re getting! There’s also a touch of polishing, but pictures speak more than words:

Lastly, continuing from last month’s progress we’ve been getting rid of the last ugly boxes in our menus and boy did it pay off! Mad respect to Teemu and Mikko V. for the art and Jukka for putting it all together.


Main Menu


Single player Menu


Multiplayer Menu

Balancing all around

We’ve had some balance issues in the last few builds: we re-introduced stat increases to leveling up and changed item stat increases from proportional to multiplicative and it turns out combining the two makes characters super OP really fast. Risto and I decided that multiplicative stat increases weren’t such a hot idea after all, so I rolled stuff back and spent quite a while balancing things out. I’m not going to say anything’s perfect, but the game should be a whole lot balanced now.

Merry Christmas/generic holiday

Christmas is around the corner and we’re going to be taking the final two weeks of 2015 off to stuff our bellies, spend time with friends and family and generally just relax and enjoy the holidays. We’ll be back in action in January and you can expect our next devblog and build somewhere around February.

Get in touch

Though we might be off celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, feel free to contact us. We might not be checking our Facebook and Twitter too actively, but if you want to reach us, shoot an email to We love hearing from you, even if it’s just a bug report or such 😀


Whew! Though it took us longer than we planned, Beta 1.0 is finally ready and jam-packed with awesomeness. With the exception of online-coop, it has pretty much everything you might want to see what the game is all about. We’re really happy with the result.

Till’ next year folks!

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