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Welcome to Gerty’s first official devblog! For those of you that are visiting our site for the first time, I warmly suggest that you check out our About Gerty-page to get up to speed on what our game is all about. For the rest of you, let’s get cracking!

So, what are these devblogs all about? Quite simply, they are weekly updates on how Gerty’s development has progressed and what you might expect in the future. Our current schedule is to release a new build every Friday in tandem with a new devblog to go with it. This schedule is most likely going to change as development continues, but we’ll let you when that happens.

So let’s talk about build v0.03… except, didn’t we release v0.01 last week? What happened to v0.02? Well…

Playtesting at Gloria

Though most of you probably missed it, we indeed already cheated on our aforementioned Friday-based build release schedule this week and put out build v0.02 on Tuesday. We got a great opportunity to get our game playtested by a lot of people at Polar Bear Pitching pre-party held at a local nightclub and when you get an opportunity like that, you really want to grab it. Risto had been working hard on the game over the weekend and Mikko had some new graphics ready for us, so making a new build for the event felt like the obvious choice. When you show off your game, you want to make the best impression you can after all.

Despite it’s midweek release, v0.02 was quite a big update. Most notably it added two new monsters and gave all three existing ones a visual makeover. They even got animations! The player skill icons were also updated, so that they actually represent their respective skills instead of generic fireballs.

Enemy attack animation

Enemy attack animation

New skill icons

New skill icons

For those interested, check out the full v0.02 changelog.

Items aplenty

In v0.03 the biggest gameplay change is the addition of item chests. No more random pickaxes lying around, now you got to put your Juice to use and buy your gear! The available items are all placeholders for now, but we’ll get you some proper ones soon.


In addition to the chests, we also have item shops coming down the pipeline, but unfortunately they aren’t ready for prime time just yet. The basic functionality is already implemented, but we want to pretty them up a bit before showing them off, so expect to see them in the near future.

For more details, check the full v0.03 changelog.

Juicy bits

We haven’t really talked about Juice and its part in gameplay yet, so let’s get the basics out of the way. In a nutshell Juice is an all-purpose currency/fuel for your character. You use it to buy gear and weapons, but your high-tech armor and equipment also need it to stay functional. This means that you’re constantly using it – though at a minuscule rate – and if it runs out, you’re finished. Game over.

“But wait, didn’t you just say it’s also a currency?” I hear you ask. Why yes, it is. If you want to become more powerful, you’re going to have to be willing to spend some of it to buy new and powerful gear. Rest assured though, you’re not at risk of running out of Juice easily, as the current balance is still very favorable towards players. This will change in the future though, so go on a spending spree while you can.


We’ve got new monsters, new graphics and new item chests with new items. Everything is so new! Things are also busy behind the scenes and we’ve got our sights set on the goals for next month. The game is about to become a whole lot interesting. See you again next week!


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