Devblog 31

Beta 1.2 is here. We’ve got new items, achievements and other cool stuff.

You can download the build here and read the changelog here.

Real life stuff

I refrained from talking about real life happenings in last month’s blog, but I feel now might be a good time to have a little recap on what’s been going on behind the scenes. First off, we lost our office, but that was something we’d been expecting for some time now. The space was a perk of us being in the Game Brewery -accelerator program and as our time there is now over, we had to hand over the office as well. Fret not though, as we’ve already relocated ourselves to a new (and a bit chilly) office.

Second, we’ve had some personnel “issues”. Our coder Jukka has been busy with his teacher studies and our artist Mikko V. has also been away doing other important work. And to make matters worse Mikko has now fallen ill. All this means we’ve been two men short for the past two months or so and seemingly will continue to be for some time in the future. But again, things are not as bad as they seem. We’re currently in talks with a new artist to fill in for Mikko while he’s getting better. More info on that as it develops.

So yeah, stuff has happened, but Gerty marches on!

Items & Achievements

We teased this a bit last time, so here it finally is: revamped items and brand spanking new achievements!


All of our old items have been thrown in the trash and we’ve got 18 totally new items to play around with (all graphics and many designs courtesy of Teemu). You won’t be able to get them all right away though – half of them must be unlocked with achievements. This is where our new Unlockables-menu comes in. For already available items you can see detailed information of their effects and for locked items (those black outlines) you can see how they can be unlocked. Get to work guys, unlock ’em all!

Crankin’ up the prices

Honest talk. Up till now the items in the game have been pretty throwaway and boring. They’ve been overly plentiful and only provided minimal stat boosts. We wanted to change all that with our new items and make them feel powerful and useful. This lead to us deciding to cut back on the amount of items players get. The change isn’t anything huge, but it should be noticeable. This in turn meant that players would end up with tons of Juice unless we also cranked up the item prices as well. So we did that too.

In summary, chests are now twice as expensive as before and shops are thrice as expensive. Get used to digging Juice, cause you’re going to need it from now on.

Mystic runes, ooOOoooOO~~

For some time now we been thinking how to spice up the level-to-level gameplay and for the time being our answer is: cram in more stuff! We’ve got plans for three new interactable things and first out of the gate is: Runes.

In addition to shops and chests every level now has 3 activatable runes that grant you an item after you’ve activated them all – and killed a few waves of spawning enemies. The runes are partially covered by rock and ice, so keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss them. Don’t get too used to seeing them in every level though, as we’ll be randomizing their generation once we get more of our planned stuff implemented.

Particles, oh, the particles

You know what everyone on our team just loves? Particles. We absolutely love them. They require so little work and are so easy to make look greatWhat could be better than spending the entire day making particles?

Sarcasm aside, we’ve done quite a bit of particle work in this build. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Other improvements

In addition to the Unlockables-menu mentioned earlier, there’s been quite a few other changes and additions to the Main Menu. We’ve improved our button rebinding in various ways, there’s more gameplay and video options and we’ve added the possibility of resetting to defaults in places we felt it was required.

As usual, comb over our changelog for a more detailed breakdown.


Though we’ve been two men short for the past two months, we still managed squeezed out some nice new content. Our items are finally up to par, our achievement system is ready for prime time and we’re actively working on adding more gameplay content into the game. I’d say we’ve done quite well for this build.

Till next time folks!

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