Carve your own path in a new rogue-lite that focuses on challenging combat in fully destructible terrains. Dive into the deep tunnels of a mining colony on your own, or in local co-op with up to 4 players. Purchase gear, level up your character, and gain powerful perks to eliminate the alien horde.

Gerty is a sci-fi top-down rogue-lite shooter with fully destructible environment. Try the demo at Steam or DRM-Free from IndieDB. Gerty has been Greenlit on Steam Greenlight and is now available in Early Access.

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Early Access 1.8.3 features

  • 10 procedurally generated stages to explore
  • One boss fight stage to conquer
  • Fully destructible environments
  • Local co-op up to 4 players
  • 40 items to boost your character with
  • Over a dozen unique enemies to fight
  • 4 playable characters with different skill sets and Perks
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Full controller support

Full game features

  • Two worlds with 6 stages each to explore
  • Two tough boss fights and two mini-bosses
  • A lot of additional monsters
  • More dangers, goodies and secrets to find
  • Lots of more Achievements & unlockable content


Trailer released December 3rd (Early Access 1.7)

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Download all (full size)


The Team

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The Team

Left to right: Ilpo, Mikko, Risto, Sampo, Teemu

Risto Ihalainen

Risto Ihalainen

The father and designer of Gerty.

Risto is the driving force of the project and makes all the big decisions as the head honcho. Together with Ilpo he works mainly on programming, but also wears other hats whenever it’s required.

Ilpo Alatalo

Ilpo Alatalo

The Jack of All Trades.

Like Risto, Ilpo has worn many hats. Though sometimes considered the “producer” of the project, he focuses on programming. He’s also in charge of writing the blog and updating this site.

Mikko Lapinlahti

Mikko Lapinlahti

The one-man band.

Mikko is in charge of bringing in the atmosphere of alien planets through the medium of music, with influences from decades past.

Teemu Kinnunen

Teemu Kinnunen

The Master of Whisperers.

UI artist turned marketer, Teemu is in charge of all the little birds of social media, but also helps out with graphics work when needed.

Sampo Jumisko

Sampo Jumisko

The pen fencer.

Taking over the mantle of “the Artist”, Sampo carries the weight of the game’s visuals on his shoulders.


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Gerty in media

  • “A very promising game that takes many pre-existing concepts in the roguelite genre, and puts it’s own unique spin on them to produce something truly different.”
  • “It’s actually pretty damn good.”
  • “If you’re up for a game that offers a real challenge, you’ll really dig this great sci-fi mining roguelike shooter.”

Gerty in streams

Press releases

User comments

  • “This looks really cool. I love the way the field of view of the player works. It makes it feel really claustrophobic.”
  • “Looks awesome and visceral, esp that blood splatter! Cool name too – reminds me of Moon.”
  • “I mean its so old school in some ways and I do like that I can upgrade so much, especially my character, as I see him/her/it growing. This is the thing with this game, and the digging is great, and the enemies are some pretty hard to kill but mostly I’ve enjoyed the game a lot.”
  • “The light and tight corridors add a great sense of immersion which I loved and kept me playing!”
    • jaggygames
  • “It (the soundtrack) feels sci-fi, on a planet and kinda spooky. I actually went and looked up your game. I think it fits well with the art style.”