You are a nameless mercenary. A mining colony of critical importance has become under attack by a hostile alien force. Armed to the teeth and equipped with your trusty laser-diggers, you must fight your way to the depths of the planet, find the source of the alien threat and eliminate it. Will you make it out alive?

Game summary

Gerty is a sci-fi top-down rogue-like shooter with fully destructible environments that’s slated for release “when it’s ready”. We have a free playable demo that we update regularly, so you can test the game for yourself. If you’re interested in the game’s development, you can read about it in our blog.


All footage captured April 26th 2017 (Beta 1.6)


Dig by hand or utilize your weapons in various ways and explore alien planets to your heart’s content.


Fight your way through hordes of aliens with your upgradeable arsenal and show them who’s the boss.


Power up and upgrade your gear with high-tech tools & weaponry.


Level up and become more powerful with a wide selection of Perk boost.


Investigate alien Runes, Monuments and other mysterious artifacts.

Demo version features (Beta 1.6)

  • 4 procedurally generated stages to explore
  • Fully destructible environment
  • Local co-op up to 4 players
  • 24 items to experiment with
  • Over a dozen unique enemies to fight
  • Two playable character
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Several Achievements to unlock
  • Controller support

Full game features

  • Two worlds with 8 stages each to explore
  • Two tough boss fights and several mini-bosses
  • A lot of additional monsters
  • 16 additional items to experiment with
  • More dangers, goodies and secrets to find
  • 2-6 additional playable characters with different skill sets and Perks
  • Tons of Achievements & unlockable content


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